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    Final Fantasy VII [Spoilers]


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    Final Fantasy VII [Spoilers]

    Post by Chapel on Mon May 23, 2011 3:38 am


    Time: ~99 hrs. (less than 99:59:59, more than 98:00:00)

    Cloud: Lv. 99, Ultima Weapon, Omnislash
    Barrett: Lv. 99, Missing Score, Catastrophe
    Tifa: Lv. 99, Premium Heart, Final Heaven
    Aeris: Lv. 35+, Princess Guard, Great Gospel
    Red XIII: Lv. 99, Limited Moon, Cosmo Memory
    Yuffie: Lv. 99, Conformer, All Creation
    Cait Sith: Lv. 99, HP Shout, Slots
    Vincent: Lv. 99, Death Penalty, Chaos
    Cid: Lv. 99, Venus Gospel, Highwind

    -'S' Rank Gold Chocobo obtained ("Amber")

    -HP<->MP Materia obtained
    -Mime Materia obtained (MASTER)
    -Quadra Magic Materia obtained (MASTER)
    - Knights of the Round Materia obtained (MASTER)
    -Enemy Skill Materia MASTER
    -All Magic Materia MASTER
    -All Command Materia MASTER
    -All Support Materia MASTER
    -All Summon Materia MASTER
    -Master Magic Materia obtained
    -Master Command Materia obtained

    -Battle Arena completed/Final Attack Materia obtained (MASTER)

    -Guidebook obtained/Underwater Materia obtained
    -Desert Rose obtained (defeat Ruby WEAPON)/Gold Chocobo obtained
    -Earth Harp obtained (defeat Emerald WEAPON)/Master Magic, Command, Summon Materias obtained
    -Ultimate WEAPON defeated

    -Ancient Forest completed

    -Pagoda of the Gods completed

    -House in Costa Del Sol purchased

    Stats I posted on my facebook. Very Happy I didn't do everything I wanted to but I really wanted to play some other games and I didn't want to get exhausted by FF7 and get tired of it.


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